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  pep五年级下册英语听力Unit 2 My favourite season
  Part A Let’s try (P14) Mike: It’s a windy day. Chen Jie: Yes. It’s cold, too.
  Mike: What’s your favourite season,
  Chen Jie?
  Chen Jie: Autumn. It is beautiful here In
  Beijing. Part B Let’s try (P17)
  Zhang Peng: Look at my picture, John.
  John: It’s pretty. So you like spring

  Zhang Peng: Yes. Spring is beautiful.
  There are lots of flowers. The trees are green.
  Let’s check (P20)
  Boy: When is your birthday? Girl: It’s in summer.
  Boy: Do you like summer? Girl: No, I don’t. it’s too hot
  Boy: Which season do you like best?
  Girl: Autumn. The colours are beautiful.
  I can pick fresh apples.


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